Touch Triac Dimmer - Europe Type-UL Listed LED Flat Panel Lights, LED Bathroom Mirrors-ECOLORS LED
Touch Triac Dimmer - Europe Type
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Touch Triac Dimmer - Europe Type

With the Europe standard housing, uses high-voltage MOS transistor as the control circuit to achieve trailing edge dimming. It's used for controlling a variety of lamps which connects with triac power supply. This unique Triac LED Dimmer is a great new 90 - 240VAC LED Dimmer that provides 1A of smooth dimming from 5-100% brightness. The glass faced, touch sensitive panel makes for a sleek and high tech look when mounted in a single gang wall outlet. With 1A of output power this dimmer can dim up to 110W of LED Lights at 110VAC or 220W of LED Lights at 220VAC. This wall mount LED dimmer is CE and RoHS approved.



Item No.:                                  TD11E
Input Voltage:                            AC90-240V (50-60Hz)
Output:                                     1 channel
Output Power:                          110V - 110W
                                                 220V - 220W
Input Connection:                     2 Wires AC(L/N)
Output Connection:                  2 Wires AC(L/N)
Dimming type:                          Trailing Edge Dimming
Dimension:                               (L)80 x (W)80 x (H)41.8 mm
Rating:                                      Indoor
Operating Temp:                      -20-60°C
Certification:                             CE, RoHS
Warranty:                                  2 Years